We are Green Rose

Who We Are

We are a full service, family office located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We believe in taking a client-focused, holistic approach to financial planning by utilizing superior resources to resolve your unique financial needs.

What We Do

We were birthed from a desire not to just simply complete tasks, but to empower our clients with the abilities to make better financial decisions. Our goal is to break habitual chains that have been holding your legacies back for years.

We help you create a comprehensive financial plan and manage your investment portfolio (stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and more). We also help you with life-based event planning such as saving for college, getting married, purchasing a home, paying down debt, or planning an inheritance.

We help you examine your financial needs and assets in order to make sure that your heirs are provided for in the best possible way, as well as limit your taxation and come up with a tax plan.

We will help you come up with a A risk management plan to prepare for risks, estimate impacts, and define responses to risks.

We can help you navigate retirement by providing guidance each step of the way.

We help you manage your philanthropic endeavors and guide the allocation of all types of capital — financial, human, and social — to ensure these assets are being put to the highest and best use over a specific timeframe

Managing your own business can be a lot to navigate. Let us take over the financials so that you can focus on building your passion.

As a successful corporate executive, your personal wealth is linked to your company’s fortune which presents some unique challenges. Let us focus on your financial future and help take the pressure off.

The demands of an athlete or coach far surpass the limits of the playing field. As your trusted partner, we are here to help you navigate the financial complexities of a life built through professional sports.

We understand the complex financial needs of entertainers and are ready to help you develop a comprehensive plan carefully designed to protect you from the financial risks of your profession.

As a nonprofit organization, financial security and freedom is essential to pursue your important and vital work. We are here to help you achieve your goals.